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Every home has a water heater. Find out why your water is not hot and why your water and electricity costs are so high! Flowrite Plumbing of Santa Maria can check your water heater and repair the problems or replace your water heater – saving you money on your monthly heating costs!

City of Santa Maria Authorized Plumbing Installation stickersFlowrite Plumbing is fully licensed by the City of Santa Maria. All water heater installations follow all city-specific rules and regulations and will feature “Authorized Installation” stickers provided by the Santa Maria so that you can rest assured that the work done is professional. Other cities/municipalities have different rules and regulations and we can help guide you down the correct path!

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Water Heater Information

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Many water heaters have an average life-expectancy of 10-15 years. After that time, there can be leaks at the water connection points on the top of the water heater, or the drain itself can start leaking, the water heater has rusted out, parts like the thermocoupler or gas valve/thermostat become inefficient or faulty, or the tank can become partially full of sediment and deposits. Flowrite plumbing can assess the tank you have and either repair or replace it with a model that will save you money. A leaking tank or pipes, broken parts, or a system that that is full of sediment and not heating up efficiently is costing you money in water AND gas or electricity. This is because it takes extra time for the water heater to recover. All that and you don’t even get a hot shower!

Bradford White logoWhen your water heater runs out of hot water faster than it should and it takes longer to recover, chances are great that the sediment has accumulated at the bottom of your tank over the years and is acting as a heat sink. The water heater’s burner is at the bottom of the tank and the more sediment you have at the bottom, the more material the heat has to pass through in order to heat your water. Do you hear banging? That is the sound of sediment that has been cooked to the point that the solid materials are heating and cracking and breaking and the chunks are hitting the sides of the water heater and making noise.

Flowrite Plumbing uses Bradford White water heaters – Made in the USA!