Pipe Corrosion

What is Corrosion?

In this article we are referring to the corrosion of pipes (often copper pipes) that over time begin to decay in a process similar to rusting called oxidation. This corrosion (often times seen along with hard water deposits) is identified by a blue-green coating on a pipe or joint. It can be caused by water or soil chemistry, as well as other environmental factors.

If it’s Natural, What’s the Problem?

While oxidation and corrosion are a natural process, it can cause you all sorts of problems. If left too long, the corrosion can cause pinholes or larger holes causing water leaks that can damage your water heater, water softener, or even worse, the structure of your home or business. Corrosion can destroy valves and reduce the flow of water through pipes affecting water pressure. Finally, although less common in newer homes, corrosion can cause copper or lead to leach into your water. Ingestion of copper and lead can have adverse health effects and is something you should avoid.

How can Flowrite Plumbing Help You?

After doing this as long as we have, we can identify where the corrosion is originating from and come up with a solution to fix it. Since water can travel down the exterior of a pipe, the corrosion may appear someplace that the water is collecting when the leak is actually coming from above. Whether it is fixing a leak and cleaning the pipe, or it is a full replacement of parts, let Flowrite Plumbing’s experience save you time and money. Doing it wrong can cost you a lot in the long run and having a professional take care of it right the first time will only benefit you! Call us today at 805.888.7523!

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